May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month

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May is Sexual Assault Prevention Month

Previously, SAPM was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but we need to push forward. We need to take our awareness and put it into action. Taking action and using our knowledge of the realities of gender-based violence in our community and beyond is key in changing the culture. Creating a culture of enthusiastic consent means we need to really understand the extent to which rape culture appears in our day to day lives.

Rape culture occurs when a society or environment’s prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse. It is our hope that we can change this to a culture of enthusiastic consent which is a culture which normalizes the action of asking for consent, and respecting whatever responses are given. It affirms that each individual has bodily autonomy and maintains that boundaries (a person’s right to choose what is comfortable to them) should be respected unconditionally.

Here are 3 ways each of us can help prevent sexual assault:

  1. Get informed. Know the facts. Let’s stop sexual harassment and violence.
    There are no grey areas when it comes to sexual violence or harassment.
  1. Debunk the myths. Challenge them and educate others.
    Myths about sexual assault:
    Society’s understanding of sexual violence can be influenced by misconceptions and false beliefs, commonly referred to as ‘rape myths’. Separating myths from facts is critical to stopping sexual violence.
  1. Support survivors. Empower women. Donate to organizations in your community dedicated to ending gender-based violence.

If you want to take it to the next level and are ready to put your passion for change into action check out


How to Support Survivors in Isolation:

Mindfulness Meditation for Survivors:


Thank you for reading and helping us to work towards a future free from violence.

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