You are currently viewing Speaker Event January 25: Alisha Fisher and “Navigating Pleasure After Trauma”
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Join us for our upcoming January session, “Navigating Pleasure After Trauma,”  as part of our Abundant Approaches Series happening on Wednesday January 25th from 7-830pm with Alisha Fisher, International Award Winning Speaker, Sexologist, and Relationship Coach.

Experiencing sexual violence is a form of trauma that, no matter what the circumstances or how long ago it happened, can change the way we experience intimacy and sexual connection. Many survivors report that sexual violence has altered their sexual views and reactions to intimacy. Survivors often highlight that the symptoms of trauma can be highly irritating and lead to a decrease in sexual satisfaction and closeness with others. Join Sexologist and Relationship Coach, Alisha Fisher, as we examine how our minds process trauma, why triggers and dissociations occur, and [re]discover pleasure within our body, and the numerous ways we can access it. Self-pleasure can be recognized as a form of resistance by one being able to explore and decide what is pleasurable and what is not pleasurable after experiencing sexual trauma.

In this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the various ways trauma impacts our bodies and intimate lives
  • Reflect on how self-pleasure can be a radical form of healing and self-care
  • Comprehend how arousal, and sexual desire functions
  • Learn about different techniques to access pleasure within their bodies, minds and environment.

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