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Episode 10 – “What Does Justice Look Like for You?” Restorative Justice Processes, with Community Justice Initiatives

May is Sexual Violence Prevention Month! This month, Public Educator Cindy McMann sat down with Kate Crozier of Community Justice Initiatives (CJI), along with 2 guests with experience in restorative justice processes.

Kate and her guests take us through restorative justice alternatives to the criminal legal system, what the process is like for people who have experienced sexual harm and for people who have caused harm, how restorative justice can empower survivors of sexual violence, and what we can do to make this option more widely available to survivors.

Episode 9 – “Put Me in Front of the People – I Have Stuff to Say:” Brain Injuries and Intimate Partner Violence, with Christina Hennelly

In this episode, Christina Hennelly from the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo Wellington talks with Public Educator Cindy McMann about Christina’s work on the connections between brain injuries and intimate partner violence (IPV).

We talk about the impacts of brain injuries, how common they are in relationships where there’s physical violence, tools people can use if they think they or someone they love might have a brain injury and what service providers can do to better support people.

Content Warning: physical violence, impacts of physical injuries due to violence

Episode 8 – “Trying to Steer the Titanic with a Plastic Spoon:” Talking to Men and Boys About Violence, with Jacob Pries

In this episode, we hear from Jacob Pries, from the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region’s Male Allies program. Jacob chats with WiC Educator Cindy McMann about masculinity, talking to men and boys about gender-based violence, and Jacob’s work on consent education with Hockey Canada.


Episode 7 – Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against the Land (Ft. Courtney Skye and 2Rivers Festival)

The 2Rivers Festival presents a podcast in partnership with Guelph-Wellington Women and Crisis and Protect the Tract that explores the relationship between colonization, gender-based violence, land violence and consent. Host Jensen Williams discusses the role of consent in movements to end gender-based violence and ensure land rights with Courtney Skye of Protect the Tract and Emma Callon and Horeen Hassan of the 2Rivers Festival.

Episode 6 – Unpacking Femicide with Myrna Dawson

In this episode we chat with Myrna Dawson, the Founder and Director of the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability. Dawson is a leading expert on femicide and leader in research and advocacy on violence against women and femicide prevention both nationally and internationally. Have a listen as we unpack the term femicide, the work of the observatory, ways in which data on femicide is collected and pathways to femicide prevention. For more information on the Canadian Femicide Observatory, please visit their website and follow them on twitter @CAN_Femicide.

Episode 5 – Sexual Assault: Shifting to a Culture of Prevention & Support

Sexual Assault: Shifting To A Culture of Prevention and Support

In this episode, we sit down with our Sexual Assault Centre and Anti-Human Trafficking Program counsellors during Sexual Assault Prevention Month discuss realities and barriers for sexual violence survivors and how we can shift towards a culture of support and prevention.

Episode 4: Intersections: Labour Trafficking and Precarious Migration

Emma speaks with Loly and Jaitra from FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto. They shed light on the reality of labour trafficking in Guelph, Ontario and Canada. Within the conversation the intersections between climate change, national migration policy and labour trafficking within Canada are brought up. Labour trafficking is often forgotten when discussing human trafficking within a Canadian context, this episode breaks down these barriers and speaks to the prevalence of labour trafficking.

Click here for the full transcription for podcast episode 4

Episode 3: Immigrant Services and Human Trafficking  – A Guelph Wellington Collaboration

Emma speaks with Dayami Ramirez from Immigrant Services Guelph Wellington. They speak about their past collaboration with clients and within the conversation discuss the intersecting identities of those with human trafficking experiences and immigration needs. This episode brings great insight into the importance of language specific resources and services. It’s an excellent refresher on the realities of human trafficking on July 30th World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

Click here for the full transcription for podcast episode 3


Episode 2: Sex-Work Positive Approaches to Human Trafficking

Emma and Jalena speak about the difficulty in supporting human trafficking survivors without further isolating sexworkers in the process. Jelena provides insight into the negative consequences and impact of anti-human trafficking legislation and services. This feedback and knowledge is important to assuring that the safety and security of some does not harm others.

To hear more about Jelena’s work and analysis check them out on social media at
– @IsisIntrepid (twitter)

Episode 1: Human Trafficking 101

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis is producing a podcast series on the topic of human trafficking. The first episode is available below and will be on social media on February 22, 2020. The first episode will explore the problem of human trafficking locally. Consequent episodes will discuss human trafficking and the commercial sex trade and labour trafficking in Canada. Guests include representatives from the Sex Workers’ Action Program of Hamilton and Sex Workers’ Action Network of Waterloo Region, HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health, the FCJ Refugee Centre, Immigrant Services Guelph-Wellington and more.