two women with child smiling

Please join Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis in planning, preparing, and implementing community events aimed at raising awareness about, and working towards ending violence against women and children.

How would your organization benefit from being involved?

  • You can collaborate with new partner organizations
  • You can increase your visibility and enlarge your target audience
  • You can help support community programming
  • You can show your commitment to creating a violence free community
  • You’ll find opportunities to exchange and share Resources
  • You’ll have new publicity and advertising opportunities

Why do we want you to get involved?

  • To show broad community support for anti violence goals
  • To raise funds for programs and future events
  • To increase the collaboration of community organizations
  • To diversify topics and themes for events
  • To address the intersections of oppression and violence, through the support of various organizations
  • To have greater input into planning community events
  • To increase in resources for such events

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis welcomes your participation. Please contact our Public Educator by email or by phone at 519-836-1110 ext. 234.