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“Home to Our Roots.”

Celebrating 40 years of support for women and children in our community seemed like a great opportunity to recognize where our agency began.

Forty years ago it was the passion and perseverance of dedicated University of Guelph students who saw the need for support and safety in our community.  G-W WIC started in a small space on The University of Guelph campus, providing peer support through a crisis line and continued growing to meet the needs of women and children in our community.

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the work of the past year and look towards the future. The AGM helps to bring together our members, supporters, and champions to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and acknowledge the extraordinary work being done in our community and beyond.

On June 26, 2017, the program began with an address from G-W WIC’s Executive Director, Sly Castaldi, who was able to share with attendees the extent to which WIC’s advocacy and leadership extend far beyond Guelph and Wellington County. Through leadership roles in provincial associations, Sly Castaldi utilizes the investments of our community supporters to assure services within our own community as well as policy reform to provide the best services possible for survivors far and wide.

Brenda Whiteside brought greetings from the University of Guelph and appreciation for the work we do in our community and the value our services have in providing support to survivors and collaborating on the education and prevention of gender based violence.

Hon. Indira Naidoo-Harris, MPP (Halton), Minister of the Status of Women and Minister responsible for Early Years & Child Care was the keynote speaker of the evening who put into context the prevalence of violence against women and children and her commitment to continuing the work of organizations like G-W WIC working in the elimination of violence. In addition to thanking the staff of G-W WIC, Hon. Indira Naidoo-Harris also acknowledged the vast influence of the organization’s leader on a provincial scale.

Mayor Cam Guthrie, unable to attend the AGM in person, did not miss the opportunity to mark the 40th Anniversary of G-W WIC through a heartfelt video from Marianne’s Park on Gordon Street. His message of appreciation was emphasized by the care he took in addressing the importance, purpose, and value of Marianne’s Park in our community.

Our AGM was an evening dedicated to acknowledging the importance of services for women and children who have or are experiencing violence.  Political figures, community partners and sister centres took the stage to appreciate the front line staff, volunteers and donors who enable G-W WIC to respond, support and advocate for the elimination of gender based violence.

Supporting over 1500 women a year would not be possible without the staff and volunteers who turn donated dollars into safety, support, and healing.  This year G-W WIC recognized the contributions of Tanya Benham (5 years), Anu Saxena (5 years), Jacinta Cassidy (10 years), Jennifer Bailey (10 years), Debra Marshall (10 years), Deb Ecclestone (15 years), Marilyn Clarke (20 years) and Teresa Preski (20years).

Each year we like to take additional time to recognize the various ways that community corporations and individuals put their trust in G-W WIC and the way we do our work.  This year we wanted to thank our local TD Bank Group, Bird Elinesky Schuett, Smith Valeriote Law Firm LLP, Tanya Tagwerker, Layne The Auctionista, Brenda Tremblay owner of The Boathouse and G-W WIC’s 40th Anniversary Gala Committee.

Learn more about getting involved with G-W WIC by visiting our volunteer page.

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