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Thank you for considering a donation to Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis. G-W Women in Crisis is a registered charity.

With your help we can create a world free of violence and abuse.

I knew he would kill me if we left; you gave us a safe place to stay.
I’m no longer afraid for the safety of my children. You saved my life. Thank you for everything.
– Sarah

Your Donations Will:

Help Save Lives

Gender-based violence is a serious issue both locally and globally. 51% of Canadian women over the age of 16 have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence. One to two women are murdered by a current or former partner each week in Canada. Gender-based violence occurs across all ethnic, racial, religious, age, social and economic groups.

Last year alone, 81 women and 63 children stayed at Marianne’s Place, our emergency shelter. The shelter is always at maximum capacity. G-W Women in Crisis has been a safe haven for women and children in the community for over 30 years.

Provide Immediate and Direct Support

The 24-hour Crisis Line is often the first point of contact a woman has with us in her quest for safety. Over 3,200 calls came in to our 24-hour Crisis Line last year alone. Unfortunately, the number of calls increases every year, yet we know that women who come forward still represent a very small percentage of those who experience abuse.

Keep Women and Children Safe

The Shelter and the Crisis Line are just part of what we do. Women throughout Guelph and Wellington County connect with us for counselling, safety planning, custody issues, legal assistance and referrals.

Strengthen Your Community

We believe that with your help, more lives will be transformed. Our city, our county, and our lives can be free of violence and abuse. We welcome your help and thank you for your support.

Create Real and Measurable Change

Over 100 community awareness events are held by our Public Education team each year, including Take Back The Night, The December 6th Vigil, Sexual Assault Prevention Month, Women Abuse Prevention Month and healthy-relationship programs throughout the school system.

Donor contributions support these programs and keep these issues in the public eye. Increased awareness leads to increased safety for women and children.